" There is a 'can' in cancer, because we 'can' beat it ! "


Qualified and experienced surgical and medical oncologists in one clinic :

  • Cancer patients can get surgical & medical oncological treatment all under one roof. both the oncologists are renowned,  well experienced and most importantly qualified in the respective specialities. joint clinic concept adds on to decision making, treatment planning, sequencing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation without wastage of time ,energy and money from patient's side.Palliative care for patient and family is available in the cancer institute.

Joint clinic concept :

  • One patient to be evaluated individually and then together at same time and at same place that avoids unnecessary delay to start treatment and gives better results.

Arrangement of surgeries at suitable hospitals for patients :

  • Cancer surgery — an operation to repair or remove part of your body to diagnose or treat cancer — remains the foundation of cancer treatment.
  • Your doctor may use cancer surgery to achieve any number of goals, from diagnosing and treating your cancer to relieving the symptoms it causes.

Day care chemotherapy :

  • Day care chemotherapy unit committed to deliver quality services at affordable cost [almost 1/3 of corporate hospitals].

Privileged consultations & second opinion clinic :

  • Privileged consultations & second opinion clinic :from experts to make patient and family understand the disease state and stage, treatment options & prognosis with ample time for discussion and solving queries.

Pain and palliative care specialists on call :

  • Palliative care can be helpful through all stages of illness. Early on, it can help make medical treatments more tolerable; at later stages, it can reduce suffering, help you carry on with daily life, assist you in planning for future medical care, and provide support for living with a life-threatening illness.

Financial aid advice desk :

  • The cost of medical treatment is among the many concerns you may have if you, a friend, or family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Because bills and debt can add up quickly, people may want to seek financial help soon after being diagnosed with cancer. In addition to information from social workers and other health care providers, there are a number of national and local service organizations that help people with cancer who are facing financial challenges.

Chemotherapy supportive care :

  • Overview of supportive care in patients receiving chemotherapy: antiemetics, pain management, anemia, and neutropenia. With advancements in the field of oncology, more and more people are living with cancer. The prevalence of invasive cancer in the United States is estimated to be almost 12 million.

Cancer screening check-up, genetic counselling for hereditary or familial cancers and evaluation :

  • If you are age 55 or older, talk to a health care provider about your smoking history and whether you should get yearly low-dose CT scans to screen for early lung cancer. ... You should discuss the benefits, limitations, risks, and potential costs of screening with a health care provider before testing is done.

Diagnostic biopsies for cancer :

  • bone marrow biopsy, oral, rectal, vaginal, cervical biopsies, FNAC, Tru cut biopsies.

Home based care :

  • If your patient cant come to the clinic our team will give you best Cancer treatment at home and our expert Doctors will suggest pain management and palliative management.
  • Emergency Services :

    We are well equiped for emergency cases. Our doctors and staff is well trained to handle the emergency cases effectively.

  • Patient Services :

    Suyog Cancer Clinic is well known for the services we provide. Our expertise in patient's care provides us the good name. We have certified staff & well equiped centres, whcih are capable of providing the best possible services to our patients.

  • Qualified Doctors :

    All the doctors at Suyog Cancer Clinic are highly certified and experienced. Our well qualiied doctors are our strongest points. which makes us sufficient with quality as well as quantity.